In an ideal world, everyone has found their voice and lives a fulfilling life. The society is healthy, with a lot of freedom, happiness, fulfillment, and with no judgement or stress.

But we are not in an ideal world.

We all want to be great, happy and we want to do well, but we don’t know how. So we follow a mysterious happiness to-do list, hoping it solves all of our problems. Honestly? It does not.

It only leads us to be lost in our lives. We feel anxiety or stress and we often find ourselves asking what went wrong. We have been told to be perfect in several roles and we are trying like hell, but we cannot see real results.

We might have already checked a few items off of the society’s checklist - having a career, romantic relationship, nice car/apartment, etc. - but we feel trapped instead of being fulfilled, satisfied or happy.

The reason for our struggles is the same: the confusing expectations and beliefs coming from society. There is too much noise - too many opinions and too much information about what to do and how to live -, while our inner voice is quiet.

We are disconnected from ourselves, not knowing what we need.

But it does not have to stay that way.

We can rewrite our checklist and rewire our beliefs. We can be in control of our thinking, feelings, and life. We can change our attitude and habits.

We just need to learn about ourselves, our happiness, our vision. Our actuality.

I know it is hard. But it’s not impossible.

So here I am: I want to support you on this journey.