I truly believe that the secret of happiness is to find our own ways to mental well-being, instead of living by the standards of others.




I am Szilvia Kadar, certified life coach and solution-focused coach, owner of S.E. Kadar actuality coach.

As a coach, my goal is to introduce a conscious mindset to my clients' daily life that supports mental well-being in the long term.


This life-changing journey involves improving self-knowledge, overcoming emotional blocks and limitations and self-awareness on physical, emotional and mental levels. 


My focus is on helping people who need encouragement and empowerment to move forward in their life.

For more information about what can I do for you, please read about me or check my online coaching services or my blog and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!



A few years ago, I was at a low point in my life. My job took a lot of energy out of me, yet I didn’t see any opportunity or promotion in front of me. I saw negativity in more and more things, and I became distrustful and pessimistic. My self-esteem was extremely low, and I didn’t even feel like taking the time for myself. I had less and less energy to nurture my relationships and spend my free time in valuable ways. It was getting harder and harder to spend a day in a good mood. This general bad mood came together with unhealthy habits, no sport, eating disorder, physical symptoms and lower sleep quality.


This state is like a swamp for many people. In the beginning, it doesn’t seem tragic, but the longer we are in it, the deeper we get. It’s terribly hard to climb out of a situation like this, and many times it is not possible without any help.


An external event gave me the initial push that made me work on myself. I realized that the lack of self-awareness and the limitations I set up myself were what prevented me from moving forward. I started with the basics: I looked at different areas of my life to see where I was and where I wanted to go, clarified my vision, set goals for myself, and made sure I was getting closer to those goals every day.


I have completely rebuilt my life. Unhealthy habits have been replaced by a routine that helps my mental and physical well-being, the lack of awareness by consistency, the stress and tension by patience and self-reflection.


The change, the difference between my old and new life, was so shocking that I felt I couldn’t stop here. Helping people to find themselves and move forward in their life has become my mission.


That’s why I switched career for the second time and chose a more self-fulfilling path instead of the tech world. My goal is to make self-consciousness accessible, understandable and popular for everyone, and to give a powerful toolset to my clients that will ensure a deeply lived, self-identical, quality life in the long run.


Does this situation sound familiar to you? Are you stuck or experiencing a similar low point in your life? If you have career issues or burn-out, feel hopeless, or stuck with an unhealthy lifestyle, do not hesitate to contact me. Take the first step for yourself today and let's work together on your goals!



I started to work with Szilvi based on a recommendation from a friend.

I did not know that I needed coaching - just when I heard that my friend had similar issues/questions, for example where am I  heading, am I happy and should I do something different, do I really live my life the fullest?

We set up our  first call with Szilvi- to try out how we can work together.

Luckily we had a good connection from the very beginning. Szilvi's genuine interest and empathy shone through every part of the conversation. We discussed my expectations, why I wanted to have a consultation and what she can offer.

Although I made up my mind almost right away, her offer to spend some time to consider it was reassuring and helpful.

I consider myself as experienced in the field of self-awareness, therapy or mindfulness - I had tried quite a few different trainings, self-help books, apps and therapies.

What I found new and very refreshing are the different methods and practical exercises. When I said that - oh, I tried this one before and it didn't work - she always had a different approach or exercise on how to achieve the goal.

She always works as hard as I do - comes prepared to our sessions and gives 110% into it.

I truly appreciate it that she usually has a plan, which she can quickly adjust to my current state of mind or mood. And she has a unique skill to gently pull back to the things that I can change even in the darkest hours.

I learnt many useful skills - how to find my values, identify what's important for me, how to work for my bigger goals.

With Szilvi's help I was able to break out of paralyzing negative self talk and self-sabotage and I am now a more relaxed, satisfied and motivated version of myself.

Thank you Szilvi!

Anna H., project manager

In the last few years, I have been placing great emphasis on self-improvement, and I have worked in different ways with several (specialist) people (psychologist, coach, kinesiologist…); We have been working with Szilvi together for more than a year now. I have improved a lot thanks to her and she supports me in achieving my goals.


I really like working with her. She is precise, professionally well-prepared. She is always very attentive, supportive and kind. But she is also serious and strict sometimes if she has to - she always knows how to motivate me best to get the most out of myself.


My favourite sessions are when I arrive a little more “upset” or something really troubles me, and then everything finds its place. I still have something to think about afterwards, but Szilvi suggests tools, methods and gives knowledge or another approach that gives me a better insight and can systematize my tangled thoughts - and of course, I’m happy because I’ve taken another step for myself.

Orsolya B., entrepreneur

I've known Szilvi for years and have reconnected a couple of months ago in a co-coaching relationship. This gives me a chance to experience her in both of the roles of a support provider and supportee and what an amazing journey this is.

The work that Szilvi puts in her personal and professional development is incredible. Her strengths are understanding and acceptance, I also appreciate her professionalism and business building skills. I'm always looking forward to our sessions. Every single one of them helped me to become a better person and closer to my professional goals. I am happy to recommend Szilvi to be your partner on your journey.

Zita L., coach